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Twic Escort service for trucks needing port security to Jacksonville Ports

JAXPORT TWIC port escort service
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Jax Port Twic Escort Services

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Port Storage & Delivery Inc. provides a Port TWIC Escort Service in Jacksonville, Florida for trucks, visitors, brokers & drivers, who have not completed the TWIC application, and whom do not qualify for post 911 FBI background checks. If you're a truck driver without security clearance, we offer ride-along service to get you safely through security. We remain with you and your cargo at all times.

We now offer Twic Escort services to Surveyors, Freight Forwarders, Insurance Representatives, or Export or Importers who need to examine cargo being loaded or unloaded at the port.

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If you are dropping off or picking up a car from overseas for the first time -- no need to worry, our escorts will guide you through the process from beginning to end. If you are a seasoned company driver, or owner operator we respect your time and we will get you in and out of the port quickly and on to your next destination.

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